Mainiacal Brewing Company

Mainiacal started as a hobby, and become a passion. A few years ago our head brewer Justin started becoming passionate about making craft beer after spending 2 years studying/making mead. During his time mead making he became extremely interested in the fermentation and the microbes that make it possible. He spent years studying microbiology with the help of other microbiologists, college level books/self-taught courses, and just good old trial and error. Keeping a focus directly on fermentation and microbial quality control. This led to him building his own lab, allowing him to turn the knowledge he had learned into on hands experience. This also lead to an obsession with all things fermentation, which led to craft beer of course! A big thing for him/us is also the selection of yeast/bacteria used in our beers. We’ve done tons of wild captures all over the state and in other states, isolating the strains in house, and running them through trials to make sure they are desirable. On top of that we also collect unique yeast and bacteria from small labs all across the country which we add into our bank along with our wild captured yeast. Currently we have a bank of over 200+ microbes, 40 of which are local Maine wild captures. And that number will only continue to grow! Because of the complexity of the fermentation he was naturally drawn to sour, funky, and spontaneous beer fermentation. That being said, he doesn’t shy away from all other styles. He’s also a big fan of brewing(and drinking of course) the big juicy NE style hop bombs!

When he met both other co-founders and partners Cody Martel and Sam Canders, they realized quickly they were all very passionate about the same things; bringing craft beer with a focus on beer diversity, as well as a hyper focus on quality control. Together, they are pushing the bounds of the brewing world by using all new techniques, an ever changing yeast/bacteria selection and bringing a lot of long forgotten past brewing techniques/styles into the modern world. As one of our favorite authors would say; “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?” – Dr Suess.