The Maine Beer Trail: Visit Breweries, Get Rewarded.

As of August 2020, the Maine Beer Trail is now digital! Visit from your mobile device to find nearby pubs and breweries, track your Maine brewery visits, and be rewarded.

When we launched in 2009, there were about 25 breweries on the trail. Today there are more than 100 breweries that welcome visitors all around the state. Hit the Maine Beer Trail and get rewarded!

How does it work?

Visit to create an account. When visiting a Maine brewery, look for the poster (pasted below) at the brewery, or ask a staff person for the brewery’s 4-digit ID code. Enter the 4 digit code within the Maine Beer Trail online web-app to ‘stamp’ your beer trail.

NOTE: Even though we’ve gone digital, if you’re working on an old paper brochure, rest assured we will also accept older versions of passes as well, just send them on in once completed and we’ll get you out your rewards. Feel free to combine an old one with a new one so you don’t miss out on all the new breweries popping up all around Maine! Also, if you completed the trail with friends or a partner and you have the same mailing address just drop all passes into one envelope for easy shipping and we’ll be sure to send you all your well-earned Guild gear!

FAQ’s About the Beer Trail:

Q: Can I get all of the prizes?

We offer one reward per beer trail. So, choose your submittal carefully! What’s your reward?

  • Visit at least 25 breweries, and submit online (or if paper brochure, via email): a Maine Brewers’ Guild hat
  • Visit at least 50 breweries: Receive a Maine Brewers’ Guild short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Visit ALL breweries listed on the beer trail: Receive a prize pack!

We ask that you only mail it in one single time, and please note if you mail it in with fewer than 10 breweries stamped, we will not be able to reward you.

Q: How long before I receive my rewards?

We are a small organization and fulfill beer trails once per month. Please allow 4-8 weeks once you mail it in for us to mail out your rewards.


You can only submit to receive a prize once (1) per year. So, say you checked in to 50 breweries, claimed your t-shirt, and submitted; your brewery count will go back to zero (0) and you will not be able to submit again until 365 days later.

We are a small organization and fulfill beer trails once per month. Please allow 4-8 weeks once you mail it in for us to mail out your rewards.

Q: Can I get my beer trail signed by Maine brewers at Brewfests?

No. We created the beer trail to help people explore Maine’s breweries, so you must visit the brewery location to get your beer trail signed and dated.

Q: I visited a brewery, but I forgot to get it signed, can I just check it off and mail it in?

Sorry, but we only accept beer trails that have been signed and dated by a brewery staff member.

Q: I want a specific size t-shirt, can you help me out?

We ask that you list the size of your t-shirt on the pass when mailing it in/ submitting it with 50 or more breweries visited so we can do our best to get you a t-shirt that fits. However, we are not always able to stock every size t-shirt, so we reserve the right to substitute a t-shirt of the nearest size we have available in order to fulfill your rewards.

What’s in the prize pack?

You’ll have to visit all the breweries and mail it in to find out!