Maine Brewers' Guild

The Maine Brewers’ Guild is the unified voice of Maine’s brewers and the beer industry in Maine. 99.9% of the beer brewed in Maine is brewed by a member of our nonprofit trade association. Here you’ll find tools to plan your brewery visits in Maine, brewery biographies, as well as information on the people, companies, and places that make Maine a top destination for craft beer tourism, beer expertise, and beer experiences.

Ever since David Geary opened up D.L. Geary Brewing in 1986, the first brewery to open in the eastern half of the United States since Prohibition ended in 1933, Maine has been the home of craft beer in the East. We consistently rank in the highest number of breweries per capita, offer a mix of ocean, mountain, city and rural brewery experiences, and we produce world class beers in every style; from traditional Belgians to British ales, New England IPAs to crisp lagers, and everything in between. We believe the beers brewed here have helped to make Maine known worldwide as ‘Vacationland.’

Upcoming Events

Maine Brewers’ Guild Summer Beer Festival
South Portland, Maine

The biggest and best beer festival in Maine, hosted by the Maine Brewers’ Guild.

Featuring a new venue, located directly on the oceanfront in South Portland, ME, surrounded by beaches, isl... Read More »

Maine Beer Box at the Seaport Beer Festival
Halifax, Nova Scotia

In our third year of the global brewers trade project, Maine brewers are going to be trading beers with brewers from around the Atlantic provinces of Canada in 2019.

The Seaport Beer Festiva... Read More »