Beer Camp Across America Festival to Support Maine Brewers’ Guild

#BeerCampTour festival-NewEnglandThe Maine Brewers’ Guild is proud to announce that we will be the beneficiary of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Festival: New England Edition. It’s a long title that adds up to a beer lover’s dream event and it’s coming to Portland, ME!
In addition to many of Maine’s amazing and award-winning beers on tap, Sierra Nevada has sent an open invite to every craft brewer in the USA to pour their beer at any of the beer camp tour festivals. Each festival will be unique, and as one of just seven stops along the tour, Portland’s is likely to showcase the New England region’s many notable craft beer brewers. Sierra Nevada will also be featuring 12 unique beers that were produced as part of Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp, including one from Maine’s own Allagash Brewing. Founders, owners, and brewers will be in attendance and many breweries whose beers you can’t normally buy in Maine will be there to share their beers with festival attendees.  Tickets are on sale now!
This year’s festival will be held at Thompson’s Point on the Fore River in Portland. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s brand new and this will likely be the first event ever held at this gorgeous waterfront spot located steps away from the Amtrak and Bus Station and just a short distance from Portland’s Old Port. We welcome you to come experience craft beers from around America in a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the Fore River for one night, because events like this shouldn’t be missed.
Friday August 1, 2014
21+, rain or shine

Maine’s Senators Weigh In On Spent Grain Issues

Letter to FDA on spent grains — signed copy 03.31.2014

Thank you to Maine’s Senators – Senator Angus King and Senator Susan Collins, along with a large group of influential Senators who weighed in on the FDA’s proposal for new rules on spent grain processing. Although this is an issue that likely flies under the radar for the average beer drinker, this is a hugely important issue for our brewers and the farmers who depend on the use of spent grain for animal feed. We are grateful for our support of our Senators.

Welcome Bigelow Brewing Company!

Bigelow Brewing CoThe Maine Brewers’ Guild is proud to welcome the newest addition to the Maine brewing community – Bigelow Brewing Company out of Skowhegan. Founded by husband and wife team Jeff and Pam Powers, Bigelow Brewing will be opening their gorgeous barn to visitors very soon to offer tastings and growler fills of their Lying Bastard Pale Ale and Dementia Dog Double IPA. Transforming an old equine facility in to classic New England 3-bbl brewhouse barn and adopting the motto, “Out with the horses, in with the brew,” Jeff and Pam are truly creating a destination brewery. We can’t wait to spend a few hours sitting inside the barn, sipping some delicious ales, and raising a glass to our newest member. Welcome to the Guild Bigelow Brewing Company! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for up to the date opening hours, tour timing and all the pictures from life in the brewhouse.

Welcome Gneiss!

GneissCrestFinalColorMaine Brewers’ Guild is proud to welcome our newest member: Gneiss Beer out of Limerick, ME. Taking a holistic approach to the brewing and farming process and dubbing their vision as an agrogeobrewery, the guys at Gneiss are committed to creating a closed-loop production process, utilizing local ingredients and minimizing waste at every step. Click here to learn more about the Gneiss Concept. Founded by Mainers Tim and Dustin, Gneiss broke ground on their brewery in December 2012 and are initially focused on creating wheat-style ales, but will be exploring wild beers, new beers, and new takes on traditional beers. As of February 2014, Gneiss beers can be found on draft at reputable beer bars around Maine.

Welcome Banded Horn Brewing Company!

bandedhorn_logo_finalThe Maine Brewers’ Guild is excited to welcome our most recent member, Banded Horn Brewing Company in Biddeford.  No matter the style, no matter the strength or the flair, the best beers share one common virtue: balance.  At Banded Horn Brewing Co. we strive for a harmony of flavors with each brew, from traditional styles to cutting-edge beers that defy classification. Our brewery is located in the 150-year-old Pepperell Mill complex in Biddeford, Maine, and we’re proud to be part of the community of artisans who are revitalizing this historic location.

Welcome to the Guild – Foundation Brewing Company!


The Maine Brewers’ Guild is proud to welcome Foundation Brewing Company to the community of brewers here in Maine. Located in Portland, Maine, Foundation, which is a partnership between two former home brewers who met at a home brew club in Bangor in 2011, will be producing high quality and innovative beers with approachable and balanced flavor profiles. Founded officially in 2013, Foundation will release its first two beers – Eddy (a farmhouse style ale) and Blaze (a hybrid Saison and American IPA) – in early 2014.