Geaghan Brothers Brewing

Founded in 2011, Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company is a local, family owned Microbrewery serving the community of Bangor, Maine through Geaghan’s Pub – Bangor’s oldest, continuous, family owned Irish Pub.

At the turn of the century, there were well over 2000 breweries in the United States. Many of them were small, serving a restaurant, a neighborhood, a city, or a region. American breweries produced a wide variety of styles – pale ale, pilsner, strong ale, brown ale, porter, steam beer, and more. American brewing was a culture as varied and vibrant as the culture of America itself, invigorated by immigrants and the beer and food traditions they brought with them.

With these traditions and history in mind, the Geaghan family with award winning head brewer Jason Courtney, established Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company in November of 2011.