Boothbay Craft Brewery

Boothbay_Harbor_in_SummerThe idea of a true authentic neighborhood brewery & tavern has been a passion of ours since 2005. After managing a bustling seasonal lobster wharf we realized that ownership and absolute authentic realationships was what made a place great. We wanted to bring it down to a more personal, neighborhood level and create what we all have read about. It existed long ago in the days that helped shape our communities and our country. We feel some of that has been lost to more commercial enterprises,… we intend to offer that again at The Watershed Tavern.

In 2009 we started to build our own vision of a tavern using the important basic ingredient, community. To create a true “public house”, where we hope to ignite conversations and visions for positive change in our hometown and country. It is small, well built with real homegrown timbers, sawn off our very own sawmill from trees donated by enthusiastic supporters of our project. Having a brewery that produces fresh local beers made in the stalwart tradition of hardy Mainers, served with classic, simple, yet flavorful all natural foods in a warm friendly atmosphere, …….yeah,…that.

It is just all this community that has made our little “off the water” neighborhood tavern so special. Do we have an amazing view?,.. yes, but it’s not the ocean or a mountain skyline,… it’s your friends, family or co-workers playing bocce, cribbage, or throwing the “brass ring”,… Laughing, eating superb foods created alongside great local beer… yeah all that, and more.

Lori and Win are natives of the Boothbay Region since birth and live with their two boys Riley and Cody and dog “Barley” on Southport Island.

The Boothbay Craft Brewery is located on the grounds of the Boothbay Resort. A small cottage resort serving tourists and families visiting the Boothbay Region since 1955. Win and Lori’s vision was to add an amenity not only for their resort guests, but for everyone on the Boothbay peninsula to enjoy. Please come on by and visit with us, grab a growler or even better yet, plan that long awaited weekend getaway to the Boothbay Region by staying in one of the Resorts cozy cottages and have a freshly brewed ale while kicking back by the pool, or a laided back game of bocce.