About Maine Brewers’ Guild










The Maine Brewers’ Guild is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the craft beer industry in Maine. Our mission is to keep Maine in the forefront of the craft beer revolution by offering high quality and creative diversity for the customer.

Since 1986, Maine has been at the forefront of the craft beer movement. Our state is home to over 80 breweries which produce hundreds of beers; from juicy New England IPA’s to rich, malty English ales, stouts, porters, sours, Belgian ales, farmhouse ales, goses, gruits, crisp lagers and everything in between. Wherever you travel in Maine, you’ll find locally made ales and lagers that are fresh, unique and sure to please. Cheers!

Our membership is comprised of professional brewers and our members produce 99.9% of all the beer made in Maine, along with Allied Trade members who work with our brewers and serve the craft beer industry.

All brewery membership inquiries should be sent to our Membership Coordinator – Ryan Conery-Poulin at ryan@mainebeercompany.com, and all Allied Membership inquiries should be sent to sean@mainebrewersguild.org.

Have a question? Writing an article or producing a piece on craft beer and want to talk with us?All media inquiries should be sent to our Executive Director, Sean Sullivan, at sean@mainebrewersguild.org.

Current Officers and Board Members
Sean Sullivan – Executive Director, Maine Brewers’ Guild

Brandon Mazer – Shipyard Brewing Company – President
Kai Adams – Sebago Brewing Company – Vice President
Matthew Swan – Tumbledown Brewing Company
Molly Bull – Dirigo Brewing Company
Abe Furth – Orono Brewing Company – At Large
Peter Bissell – Bissell Brothers Brewing Company – At Large
Andrew Geaghan – Geaghan Bros. Brewing – At Large
Jeff Pillet-Shore – Allagash Brewing Company – At Large
Danny McGovern – Lake St. George Brewing Company – At Large
Dan Kleban – Maine Beer Company – At Large (Appointed)
Richard Pfeffer – Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Co – At Large (Appointed)
Heather Sanborn – Rising Tide Brewing Co – Immediate Past President (Appointed)

Ryan Conery-Poulin – Maine Beer Company – Volunteer Membership Coordinator