Marsh Island Brewing


The concept behind Marsh Island was a collaborative effort between a business person, a craft beer lover, and a home brewer. Swett’s Tire & Auto, Inc. is an automotive repair facility that has been operated  since 1966 by the Swett family. Alice Swett runs Hogan Road Deli & Convenience, the Swetts’ convenience store and the home of one of the first and most extensive craft beer offerings in the State of Maine. The Craft Beer Manager, Richard England, has expanded our offerings to approximately 600 beers. The other side of the business, the automotive facility, employs Clay Randall, Master Technician and home brewer.

In August 2014, sitting around the company office after Clay won 2014 Bangor Homebrewer’s Expo, we had a conversation about how exciting it would be to have our own brewery. One year later, after renovating a vacant convenience store space owned by the company, we brewed our first beer. Downrigger IPA was released September 4, 2015. Four more to follow: Whitetail Pale, Hop Session IPA, Flag! Stout and Wooly Bugger Pils.