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Welcome Banded Horn Brewing Company!

bandedhorn_logo_finalThe Maine Brewers’ Guild is excited to welcome our most recent member, Banded Horn Brewing Company in Biddeford.  No matter the style, no matter the strength or the flair, the best beers share one common virtue: balance.  At Banded Horn Brewing Co. we strive for a harmony of flavors with each brew, from traditional styles to cutting-edge beers that defy classification. Our brewery is located in the 150-year-old Pepperell Mill complex in Biddeford, Maine, and we’re proud to be part of the community of artisans who are revitalizing this historic location.

Welcome Sean Sullivan!

The Maine Brewers' Guild announced this week that it has hired Sean Sullivan as their first executive director.

Most recently, Sullivan has served as President of Portland Greendrinks, a Maine nonprofit focused on connecting local individuals and organizations striving to create a more sustainable community through its popular monthly networking events.

The Maine Brewers' Guild, a nonprofit industry group focused on promoting and protecting the Maine craft beer industry, cited the huge increase in the number of breweries in the state as the catalyst for the hire.

“We finished 2012 with 30 breweries. By the end of the 2013, close to 40 breweries will call Maine home. We hired Sean to help us scale our organization and allow the Guild to focus more time on serving the growing community of brewers who are quickly making Maine a hub for craft beer in the U.S.” said Daniel Kleban, President of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Maine Beer Co.

Welcome Sean!


Updated Maine Beer Trail!



We are very excited to release an updated version of the Maine Beer Trial passport!  This version features not only new breweries, it is also designed for you to conveniently print at home.  In addition, there will be a condensed “rack card” available at various tourist destinations and participating breweries around Maine.  These can also be used as a passport.

Thanks for your support and happy travelling!

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The Maine Brewers’ Guild is hiring!

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The Maine Brewers’ Guild is looking for an Executive Director.  The position will be part time to start.  The ideal candidate will be organized, a self starter and passionate about craft beer.  Please email resumes and cover letters to This job will close on August 16, 2013.  Resumes received after that day will not be considered.

For a more details and a more thorough job description, please click below.

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Maine Craft Beer Comes to Portland


Craft Beer Comes to Portland, Maine
Saturday, July 13
1:00pm – 4:00pm
(VIP session begins at Noon)
Maine State Pier

Brought to you by the generous support of our sponsors:










Get Tickets

Ticket includes beverages, delicious food and a commemorative tasting glass.  Catering by Sebago Brewing Company.

Join Maine brewers in Portland for an afternoon of craft beer sponsored by the Maine Brewers’ Guild with special guest Victory Brewing.  Come experience Maine craft beers at an intimate, outdoor beer tasting event featuring the best award-winning craft beer that Maine has to offer.  Founders, owners, and brew masters will be in attendance, creating a more unique experience than a traditional beer festival. Rare, special and single batch beers will be featured among the brews being poured at this event.

This is a 21+ event.  No pets.  Rain or Shine.




The guild has received some questions about our current opposition of LD 1082, the off-premise growler fill law.  We would like to explain the reasons behind our stance.

LD 1082 would make it possible for off-premise retail liquor licensees to dispense liquor from kegs into sealable refillable containers (growlers) for resale.

The primary concern of the Guild as to this law is the quality of our beer.  Maine craft brewers have built a reputation for brewing world-class beers.  That reputation is largely a result of our commitment to quality. LD 1082 could jeopardize that reputation by essentially allowing untrained personnel to control one of the most crucial points of beer production – the packaging.

Delivering the highest quality beer possible to the consumer requires sophisticated and expensive packing equipment that is operated by highly trained personnel.  The primary goal of packaging operations is to minimize oxygen ingress.  Oxygen is the biggest enemy of beer freshness.  Minimizing oxygen in packaged beer is achieved through atmosphere evacuation of the package, CO2 purging, counter pressure filling, and a proper package seal.  It would be incredibly cost prohibitive for an off-premise retailer to invest in the equipment necessary to guarantee a high quality growler fill.

Another quality concern is sanitation.  Brewers go to great lengths to assure that their product does not come in contact with unsanitary equipment.  This is especially crucial when dealing with finished beer.  Beer spoilage through bacterial exposure can happen very quickly and have incredibly detrimental effects on beer.  Transferring beer from a keg to a growler introduces several opportunities for finished beer to come into contact with unsanitary equipment, including the growler itself.

As you are probably aware, some breweries currently do fill growlers.  This is a matter of choice.  If a brewer chooses to fill growlers at their brewery, the responsibility of delivering a high quality product to the consumer is then solely on the brewer.

Unfortunately, LD 1082 has no “opt out” clause.  Some breweries refuse to fill growlers, period, believing that the package type does not lend itself to delivering the quality of beer the brewer requires.  This bill takes that very important choice away because brewers cannot legally dictate to whom their distributors sell, and distributors cannot legally refuse to deliver product to a retailer who requests it.  As a group, The Maine Brewers’ Guild wants to minimize the possibility of someone else having control over a consumers’ experience with our beer.

One could argue that having your beer poured at a bar, into a glass, is no different.  While it is true that we, as brewers have little to no control over how, or if, a bar maintains their dispensing equipment, the beer is consumed on site, a very short time after it is dispensed.  A growler is a sealed package, used so that the beer can be consumed at a later time.  Time + oxygen + unsanitary equipment = bad beer.

As brewers, we are all beer lovers.  We have all had occasion to consume a beer that falls short on the quality front.  LD 1082 opens the door for that to happen even more.

We know that many of you enjoy growlers, and we hope that you continue to….fresh from the brewery where the beer was made.

Thank you for reading and for your understanding.