How do I check in to a brewery?

When you enter a brewery, you'll see a physical poster somewhere inside. That poster will contain a 4-digit PIN number. From your dashboard at beertrail.me, enter the 4-digit code, hit the Check In button, and you're one step closer to claiming your prize!

What is the difference between brewery visits and prize credits?

Your Brewery Visits list tracks your total check-ins, including numerous visits to the same brewery. However, you only receive a prize credit for your first (1) check-in at a brewery.

What about breweries with multiple locations?

Currently, there is only one Brewer PIN for every brewery. Breweries with more than 1 location all share the same PIN.

Can I get all the prizes?

We offer one reward per beer trail. So, choose your submittal carefully!
• 25+ breweries: a hat
• 50 or more breweries: a t-shirt
• ALL breweries listed on the beer trail: prize pack!

How often can I submit for a prize?

You can only submit to receive a prize once (1) per year. So say you checked in to 50 breweries, claimed your t-shirt, and submitted; your brewery count will go back to zero (0) and you will not be able to submit again until 365 days later.

How long after submitting will I receive my prize?

We are a small organization and fulfill beer trails once per month. Please allow 4-8 weeks once you submit for us to mail out your prize.

Can I check in to breweries at brew fests?

No. We created the beer trail to help people explore Maine’s breweries, so you must visit the brewery location to check in to a brewery.

What's in the prize pack?

You’ll have to visit all the breweries to find out!

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