2022 MBG Collaboration Beer

50+ Maine breweries brewed the same recipe... Which will be your favorite?
January 21, 2022 to June 30, 2022

When will the MBG Collab IPA be released at your favorite brewery? Find out below*!

ABOUT: The MBG Collaboration IPA v2 involved over 50 Maine brewers working together to build a recipe and brew it using hops and specialty malts donated by suppliers. While those aspects of the recipe remained the same, each brewery chose a different yeast and used their own base malt to brew the beer. The result? An awesome opportunity for you to explore and appreciate the incredible diversity of flavors that can be achieved through different brewing techniques and minimally altered recipes. In celebration of the collaborative spirit of Maine’s brewing community – we hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy the MBG Collaboration IPA v2!

Cheers to all these brewers as well as Crosby Hops, Yakima Chief Hops, Blue Ox Malthouse and Maine Malt House and Amherst Label for their generous donations to support the work of the Guild.

*Release dates subject to change, stop in or check out your favorite brewery’s social media to find out when they release their version of this celebratory beer.

December 2021:

  • Austin Street Brewery
  • Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company
  • Mast Landing Brewing Company
  • Moderation Brewing


January 2022:

  • Bateau Brewing: Split batch: fermented using 2 different yeasts, one IPA, one sour IPA
  • Bath Brewing Company: fermented using Kveik yeast: adds a tropical fruitiness flavor
  • Bissell Brothers
  • Corner Point Brewing
  • Definitive Brewing Company
  • Fluvial Brewing, LLC
  • NU Brewery
  • Orono Brewing Company
  • Saco River Brewing 
  • Sebago Brewing



  • Banded Brewing Co.
  • Bangor Beer Company
  • Bigelow Brewing Company
  • Black Pug Brewing
  • Cushnoc
  • First Mile Brewing
  • Flight Deck Brewing Co.
  • Foundation Brewing Co: Hoppy Lager
  • Goodfire Brewing Company
  • Kennebunkport Brewing Company/Federal Jack’s Brewpub
  • Liberator Brewing Company 
  • Lone Pine Brewing Company 
  • Marsh Island Brewing
  • Olive Pit Brewing Co.: Wheat IPA
  • Rock Harbor Brewing Co.
  • Rising Tide Brewing Company: Black IPA
  • Some Brewing Company 
  • The Pour Farm
  • The Run of the Mill Public House & Brewery 
  • XOTA Brewing



  • Baxter Brewing 
  • Footbridge Brewery
  • Grateful Grain Brewing Co.
  • Liberal Cup Public House & Brewery
  • Marshall Wharf Brewing Company
  • Mason’s Brewing Co.
  • Outland Farm Brewery
  • Shipyard Brewing Co.
  • Tributary Brewing Co
  • Tumbledown Brewing



  • Allagash Brewing
  • Bunker Brewing Co.
  • Lake St. George Brewing Company
  • van der Brew


May – June: 

  • Airline Brewing
  • Lubec Brewing Company
  • Woodland Farms Brewery: Non-Alcoholic version